Case: Ohana Hills

800% increase SQL Generation | 325,000+ Website visits | 213% ROI Increase

Ohana Hills is a luxurious real estate project boasting opulent villa properties overlooking Lebanon’s Damour Seaside, 15 minutes away from the Rafic Hariri International Airport. It is a hub and symbol of luxurious living in Damour.


After building the digital marketing framework for Ohana Hills and helping them define clear goals & objectives, map the buyer's journey, and minimizing & optimizing its digital media spend, Hovi began its thorough optimization process working with Ohana Hills to hit their 2022 OKRs.

Our objectives became:

  • Increase Brand Awareness & Website Visitors
  • Increase Website Engagement & Conversion
  • Maximize number of closed deals

Our original, completed objectives:

  • Increase organic traffic by at least 10% month to month
  • Expand targeting to reach Lebanese expats
  • Increase conversions through organic search
  • Branded keywords first position ranking
  • Integrate Hubspot CRM system in all their channels
  • Implement Lead Nurturing lifecycles and automated workflows
  • Create an automated workflow


Here’s what we did to achieve each objective and continue to build on Ohana Hills' growth momentum:

  1. 1.Increase Brand Awareness:
    1. a.Increased Ad Impressions to 2.4M per quarter: Through constant A/B testing and optimization of ads and targeted keywords per platform allowed us to deliver our content directly to Ohana Hills' target audience
    2. b.Increased Website Visitors to 31,000/quarter: Hovi created personalized experiences for returning visitors, launched the website in Arabic, and increased traffic from outreach campaigns by 10%
    3. c.Boosted Organic Traffic to 655/quarter: By enhancing SEO score from 86 to 90, updating and generating high-value, conversion-focused blog content & linkable assets, and ranking at the #1 SERP spot for non-branded keywords
  2. 2.Increase Website Conversions:
    1. a.Grew Email Subscribers list: Created 2 new Lead Magnet tools and minimized number of clicks to subscribe
    2. b.Ensured Core Web Vitals is +90: Optimized backend script, minimized asset sizes, focused on being mobile-friendly, and ran monthly website health checkups to ensure high-user experience devoid of responsiveness issues
    3. c.Increased Demo Form Submissions by 30%: Implemented a chatbot, analyzed user behavior flow, leveraged testimonials, and used conversion-driven CTA's
    4. d.Doubled Average Session Duration: Increased average user session duration from 40 seconds to 1 minute & 23 seconds
    5. e.Increased Avg. Time on Page by 80%: Increased average user-time-spent on-page from 2 minutes & 54 seconds to 5 minutes & 31 seconds
  3. 3.Maximize Number of Closed Deals:
    1. a.Increased SQLs generated by 800%: From 8 new SQLs in the first month of Q1 2022 to 46 new SQLs generated in the last month of Q1 2022.


With our digital marketing efforts, Ohana Hills was able to increase its website traffic by 26% month to month for the first 6 months of our efforts which led to an astounding 213% increase in marketing spends ROI. More than 2000 leads were generated throughout. Out of those leads, 39% were expats and now are Ohana’s happy residents. 73% of website traffic is new and from unique visitors and achieved 100% scroll depth on several of Ohana Hills' webpages.

Ohana Hills has been able to increase sales conversions and forecasts sale of all of Ohana Hills still available properties by end of 2022.

“The HOVI team has really brought our digital campaigns efforts together. Since our experience with them, we’ve seen a number of positive changes and a remarkable increase in our sales conversions. Our operations are smoother and more efficient than ever before. We’re planning on upgrading our packages and benefit from even more services that they offer.”

– Mostafa Sammak, CMO Ohana Hills